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WVSJ Network Inc. Receives Congressional Medal of Honor Society Citizens Honor Award for Providing Women Veterans Support
April 22, 2021 at 11:00 PM
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In 2020, as in years before, the Congressional Medal of Honor Society sat to select six individuals across four categories and one organization. These would be the year’s recipients of the Congressional Medal Award.

Recipients are evaluated on the values of:

  • Courage
  • Sacrifice
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Citizenship
  • Patriotism

WVSJ Network Inc. is tremendously proud and moved to be the organization selected to be a Citizen Honors Awardee.

Let us share more about our work providing women veterans support and our deep honor at receiving this award.

Receiving the Citizen Honors Award

Speaking on this Citizen Honor, Rep. Lucy MacBath emphasized the power of women’s voices to transform our world. She shared her admiration for Brigette McCoy, WVSJ’s Founder, calling this a wonderful and well-deserved honor for our organization.

Brigette McCoy commented that she was delighted the Congressional Medal of Honor Society is recognizing WVSJ’s philanthropy and practical impact with the Citizen Honors Award.

How WVSJ Network Inc. provides women veterans support

WVSJ Network Inc. works to assist women veterans and improve the community in various ways. We provide military women with opportunities to help them develop both personally and professionally. Doing so revolves around developing skills and leveraging them.

Mentoring and coaching

Our mentoring and coaching program helps women veterans not only to integrate into civilian life but to thrive within it. We widen the amount of opportunity available to military women through collaborations with various local organizations.

These networks make it possible for them to gain industry knowledge within disciplines of their choice, form strong connections with other women veterans, and find different types of support more easily.

WVSJ mentoring and coaching opportunities consistently lead to women veterans achieving sustainable B and C-suite positions within companies.

Ambassador program and digital literacy program

Our digital literacy program equips military women with the modern skills needed for professional success after service. And the ambassador program provides chances to meet other women veterans and build a strong network.

Both are built on the foundations of establishing and leveraging sisterhood among military women, one of our core foundations.

Self care

WVSJ Network Inc. helps veteran women access the help they need to take care of their physical, mental, and emotional health. We run events focused on fostering unity and nurturing

We’ve aso begun to focus on military sexual trauma, facilitating access to counseling and legal representation for women looking to receive treatment or file claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Consulting and external advocacy

Some of our work also involves other organizations devoted to veteran women with training and development. As our founder and CEO notes, military women are an untapped resource with vast potential to contribute to businesses and communities.

Our partnerships with other organizations make it possible for more women to access the support required to fulfil that potential. And the unity we establish makes our advocacy efforts more forceful, creating momentum for legislative and systemic changes that are necessary for women veterans welfare.

Our mission

Receiving the Citizen Honors Award emboldens us to work towards our mission of providing a welcoming and supportive space for military women.

WVSJ Network Inc. supports military women from all eras, any length of service, and every service branch.

Access women veterans support or contribute to the success and welfare of our military women

WVSJ Network Inc. is proud and humbled to be recognized by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society for the work we do to support military women. If you’re a woman veteran in need of help or a network to help you achieve success in civilian life, we urge you to access the opportunities we provide.

And if you’re someone who’d like to help us continue to assist and empower our women veterans, please consider making a donation to help us fund the work we do. It only takes minutes. Donate online.