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How partnerships amplify the impact of women veterans organizations
November 4, 2021 at 7:00 AM
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Entering the civilian workforce after serving in the military can feel like entering a different world. However, women veterans organizations have been partnering with other veteran organizations to help make that transition seamless. Luckily, at Women Veteran Social Justice, we are an indispensable resource dedicated to honoring, welcoming, and supporting female veterans. We successfully transition veterans to sustainable success in the civilian world and have been recognized with a congressional medal of honor for our efforts.

Here is how women veterans organizations’ partnerships amplify their impact:

Education and training

One way female veterans organizations can boost their impact through partnerships is through education and training.

Through carefully orchestrated partnerships, veterans organizations provide vital experiences in environments that deliver and nurture purposeful education, empowerment, and engagement to optimize their entrepreneurial endeavors and skillsets.

Ultimately, this enables vets to use their military leadership skills to generate significant economic opportunities and flourish as civilians.

Veterans have an incredible depth of commercial and government agency intellectual capital. However, it is difficult to mine and utilize it without guidance. Through partnerships that provide education and training, veterans learn how to leverage the skills garnered throughout their tenure in the military and hone them for success as civilians.

Courses in things like relationship-building, product/market analysis, business development and growth, and business management are excellent ways to demonstrate to veterans how applicable the skills they have acquired through service are outside the military.

Through training partnerships with other organizations that provide access to capital, systems, and resources for support, more women vets will emerge equipped to seamlessly enter the civilian workforce and succeed.

Women veterans must learn business-relevant skills to either develop ideas into a growing venture or enter the workforce and thrive. However, it’s also essential for them to hone the skills they already possess.

Partnerships help them learn new skills and leverage skills they already have. By partnering with other veterans’ organizations, women veterans organizations can consolidate resources from across the nation to generate unparalleled access to capital business ecosystems.

Moreover, partnerships with other veterans’ organizations expose female vets to community resource networks devised to facilitate small business creation and growth.


Another crucial way partnerships with other veterans organizations optimize the impact of women veterans organizations is through networking.

Partnership programs boast an experienced, well-connected team of instructors and speakers for veterans to learn from and connect with. These instructors and speakers often include successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and government leaders.

Access to procurement decision-makers, government agency leaders, and commercial entities will pay dividends and be critical to their later success. However, just as importantly, female veterans organizations offer an opportunity for vets to network with each other.

Collaborating and constructing a community with other women veterans through events, opportunities, and solidarity is pivotal to their prosperity, and it is essential for them to successfully enter the civilian workforce.

Moreover, these community environments are where they often thrive after serving in the military. It is a prime opportunity to build meaningful, entrepreneurial relationships with people who share similar experiences and goals, and it is an excellent chance to subcontract or team together.

Women veterans organizations’ partnerships with other veterans organizations are an opportunity for women at all life stages to interact and share knowledge, from established veterans to military spouse entrepreneurs.

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We understand the value of women veterans organizations’ partnerships with other veterans organizations, and we are committed to partnering with organizations to enable female veterans to flourish. We want to set women vets up for sustainable success, and we have done just that time and time again. Get in touch now to partner with us!