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How Veteran Support Systems Help MST Survivors in Recovery
September 14, 2021 at 4:00 PM
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Military sexual trauma (MST) is, sadly, a problem that many U.S. servicemen and women face during their service. Survivors of MST must not only shoulder the burden of a difficult transition into civilian life upon completing their service, but they must also work through the emotional consequences of sexual assault by finding ways to improve their mental health, and move forward in their personal relationships. Like any form of sexual assault, no man or woman should have to heal on their own. Reaching out for support can be the difference between life and death for many survivors.

The question is, where can a woman veteran find a support system where she feels safe to discuss and work through her military sexual trauma? Women Veteran Social Justice Inc. aims to provide the support system that survivors of MST need. Continue reading to learn how we are helping women veterans recover from such traumatic events.

Mental Health Support Services

At Women Veteran Social Justice Inc., women have access to online shared network of peer support services that shares mental health and self care services online and through private chat so survivors have an opportunity to connect to the appropriate resources to share their trauma with someone who can help them develop the emotional resources to move forward.

A Network of MST Survivors

One of the most damaging elements of MST is that women often lack a group of friends or fellow women who share similar experiences. During the transition back to civilian life, veterans often find that they do not get the support they need from their family or social circle. For this reason, it is important to have a designated veteran support system in place where women who have survived MST can help each other along the path to recovery. During our wellness events and social gatherings, women can connect with people who understand their experiences and how they shaped them. The incredible group of women at Women Veteran Social Justice Inc. have formed a true sisterhood.

Self Care Workshops

Self care is an essential part of recovering from one or more instances of sexual assault. Survivors of MST often develop a mental complex where they distance themselves from their bodies by neglecting physical self care. This can drastically reduce a woman’s quality of life, and create a pattern of negative feelings surrounding intimacy. Our self care events promote mental, physical, and emotional wellness through activities such as artistic workshops, yoga classes, and more.

Professional Empowerment

One of our primary focuses at Women Veteran Social Justice Inc. is professional development. We are proud to offer mentorship and coaching services from successful women veterans. However, our professional services extend far beyond the practicalities of defining a career path after military service. With excellent leadership programs taught by powerful women, MST survivors have the chance to rediscover their worth, and develop skills that make them feel in control of their lives once again.

Media Coverage

For many survivors of sexual trauma, the only way to move forward is to have their voices heard, and share their stories on a public platform. Our organization makes this possible by attracting media attention to such issues within the U.S. military. Recently, one of our representatives went on national television to discuss the ongoing problem of MST, and share her experience of being sexually assaulted by a fellow soldier during her service. By connecting with news platforms and shedding light on long-standing issues, our organization promotes change.

Get the Support You Need From Women Veteran Social Justice Inc.

If you are a survivor of MST, you are not alone. With a strong veteran support system, recovery is within reach. Allow us to help you by contacting us today.