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Military Women Nonprofits and the Need for Digital Literacy
May 19, 2021 at 11:00 PM
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Technology’s increasingly deep presence in everything about civilian life means women veterans face a different world from the one they leave to serve.

At transition, performing every little thing seems to need knowing how to use some computer program or the other.

And the things that are crucial to a successful transition, access to resources, employment — certainly require digital literacy. Therefore, when giving help, military women nonprofits should look here first.

Women Veterans Social Justice Inc. makes this a key part of how we assist women veterans during their transition. Here is why we believe digital literacy is essential for helping women veterans achieve their full potential.

Online, veteran women easily access help and advocacy.

Women veterans return from service needing support in different ways. Some are survivors of MST (military sexual trauma), others have lost touch with their support network, and some need mental health support.

Digital literacy, early in the transitioning period for women veterans who need help, is a skill that enables them to get the assistance they need. They can look for and reach out to organizations dedicated to helping them.

And veteran women can gather knowledge about their circumstances and their experiences during service, and so realizing the exact support they need and how to access it.

Organizations, themselves using digital tools to provide help in partnership, make help more easily available.

Military women nonprofits such as WVSJ Inc. create the most impact when empowering women with digital literacy. It’s a skill that immediately helps them find the help they need to have a successful transition.

With increasing digital literacy, veteran women progress professionally.

It is said that today, every job is in some sense a technology job. Whichever career path women veteran women opt for to transition more fully into civilian life, digital literacy is a necessity.

However, once digitally literate, women veterans have a wide scope of opportunity.

Again, military women nonprofits play a large role. Examples include the training and development opportunities Women Veterans Social Justice provides. While military women learn new digital skills, they also receive training on leveraging others they had pre-service and the ones gathered during service.

That combination consistently places women veterans we work with into sustainable B and C-Suite positions.

For other veteran women, entrepreneurial ventures are the more natural path. And the reality of start and running a business today is that digital literacy is necessary for promotion and managing key administrative processes.

Military women find sisterhood in shared online spaces.

As crucial it is to assist women veterans individually, providing opportunities to come together as a community is just as crucial. In our work at WVSJ Inc., we’ve found the shared experiences of women veterans to be essential for women trying to find support.

With digital literacy, it becomes easier for women veterans to come together online and, through the relationships they establish, go on to create real impact in communities.

WVSJ Inc. makes digital literacy and other forms of empowerment available to military women. Access our opportunities. Support us.

We are a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, and we believe digital literacy is core the impact we make. If you are a veteran woman who would like support with learning new digital skills or any form of help, we strongly encourage you to consider our opportunities.

And, if you are a member of our community who would like to help more women veterans achieve digital literacy, receive help, and, please consider leaving a donation to support our work: Donate.

You may also support us by purchasing clothing and merchandise that celebrates the identity of women veterans from our shop.