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How WVSJ Inc. Empowers Black Military Women
May 6, 2021 at 11:00 PM
A veteran support system for women

Military veterans face significant struggles when transitioning to civilian life, including loss of social support networks, problems finding a job, and poor mental health. The same is true for those still in service.

Black military women, in particular, face unique challenges. As studies show, they are uniquely prone to PTSD, mental health disorders, and struggling to find a sustainable role in society.

Women Veteran Social Justice Inc. is committed to ensuring that military women have access to the assistance needed for their empowerment. Below, we explain how the opportunities we provide help us achieve this mission.

We mentor military women to achieve high-level sustainable business roles

A veteran’s reintegration into civilian life is largely based on how they’re able to support themselves and make an impact on society. Our mentoring programs ensure that military women can access opportunities for making this transition easier.

We develop and implement goals that build leadership ability, critical business skills, and other qualities that are valuable today. This

We continue to nurture relationships with other organizations also working to assist black military women. This helps us expand the opportunities we offer to veteran women who work with us.

WVSJ Inc. creates access to a wide range of opportunities, giving black military women enough choice to dictate their professional course.

Our self-care initiatives help women veterans address their physical and mental health

Whatever other opportunities may be available to military women, they’re of no use without good physical and mental health. WVSJ Inc. holds regular wellness events, where military women receive crucial help with their health.

These are chances for them to alert us to any health problems they may be having. We are then able to put them in touch with partner organizations and specialists who can help them.

WVSJ Inc. provides a support network for black military women

Military veterans often struggle with having to face complex problems alone. They may be cut off from former friends and family, unable to find resources that can help with severe issues, or simply in need of relatable friends.

WVSJ Inc. enables black military women with similar experiences to connect and build relationships. Apart from creating meaningful friendships among veterans, this breeds more veteran-led partnerships that make an impact in our communities.

Military women can meet during times like when they’re taking part in our digital literacy or ambassador program. At the same time as they’re meeting like-minded individuals, they’re gaining crucial practical skills to transition them into sustainable B-suite and C-suite positions.

These support networks make meaningful professional growth a collective effort for our veteran women. They also establish bonds through strong sisterhood, which serves as a further resource for overcoming personal problems.

We partner with other organizations to reach more military women

WVSJ Inc. partners with other organizations that help women veterans to magnify our collective impact. One way we do this is through providing consulting, assisting other organizations in their outreach and effectiveness in helping military women.

We also provide external advocacy to organizations attempting to drive awareness on related issues.

Our work supporting other organizations focuses on empowering veterans with new skills. And we provide them with resources for leveraging the skills they acquire and those from them their military career to achieve success in business and daily life.

Access assistance and opportunities for black military women through WVSJ Inc.

Women Veterans Social Justice Inc. provides help and empowerment opportunities for black military women. Our work has earned a Citizen Honors Award from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

We are an Atlanta-based organization, but we can assist you anywhere you are across the country. View the opportunities we can help you access and choose the ones you feel would empower you most.

If you’d like to support the work we do, please consider making a donation online.