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How to find a military women organization that can help you
November 25, 2021 at 7:00 PM
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Military women organizations are essential to the success of veterans as they reintegrate into civilian life. However, not all organizations offer the services or expertise to help women thrive. For this reason, it is important for veterans to do their research before becoming involved with an organization of this kind.

In order to support the needs of veterans, our team at Women Veteran Social Justice Inc. believes in following a holistic approach that addresses the health, goals, relationships, and well-being of women who have served. We are here to welcome every female veteran who comes to us and to create a safe space where women are able to communicate their individual needs.

If you have completed your service and are currently searching for a military women organization that can help you move forward in life, continue reading to learn a few important attributes that you should be looking for.

Understand the organization’s values

While all charitable organizations that seek to improve the lives of women veterans have their place, not all share the same values. Reading a mission statement is one of the most accessible ways to critique the potential of a military women organization to help you. For example, if you are looking for resources to help you develop skills for a particular career path, it is important to search for an organization that places emphasis on the professional transition from the military to new opportunities. Alternatively, if you are looking for mental health support, it is important to find an organization that allocates resources towards this.

Look for a wide network

Small organizations may provide valuable services that help women grow and evolve after their service, however if you choose to align yourself with an organization that does not have a wide and established network, you may miss out on opportunities to connect with fellow veterans. Developing a strong sense of community is one of the best ways to heal from painful experiences, get real advice from like minded people, and create strong bonds. Therefore, if you can find a military women organization that provides opportunities for members to meet on a regular basis, you will be far more likely to benefit from the services provided.

Find a mentor

Mentorship helps people who are going through difficult moments in life to see their potential for growth and have someone to lean on when they are unclear about their next steps. During uncertain times following the completion of one’s military service, this type of relationship becomes incredibly valuable. Veterans who do not come from a military family however, often lack this resource. This is exactly why structured mentorship programs are such an important part of military women organizations. At Women Veteran Social Justice Inc., participants have access to countless mentors who have overcome the hurdles of post-military life and are trained to offer their expertise to women in similar positions.

Seek out women’s advocacy

Unfortunately, not all organizations have the reach to make a significant impact on the social landscape that women veterans are subjected to. The large population of veterans in the United States requires specialized programs, government resources, and further career opportunities to be successful. Therefore, military women organizations should empower their veterans by teaching leadership skills, and providing opportunities for women to share their stories and inspire change. This will help lay the foundation for future generations of military women to reap the benefits of these improved practices.

If you are a veteran, do not hesitate to get the help you need to support your present needs and future goals. Explore our range of opportunities today.