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How to Build a Support Network for Military Women Veterans
August 27, 2021 at 1:00 PM

Women who have completed their military service in the U.S. often struggle to transition to civilian life due to a lack of support. Many women sacrifice opportunities to pursue other forms of education in order to serve their country. By virtue of this, veteran women often do not have access to the same professional opportunities, nor do they have a support system where they can share common experiences.

Building a support network gives military women veterans the ability to learn, grow, and connect. At WVSJ Network, our goal is to provide the tools that military women need to explore new career opportunities, speak to fellow veterans, and care for their personal well-being. Continue reading to learn how we have built our support network for women who have served.

Professional resources

One of the major hardships that women face after serving in the military is finding a career path that gives them a sense of purpose. The key is to have a support network full of women who can relate to this difficult stage in life, and guide them along the way to a successful career.

We offer several resources that help women develop their professional skills, and build on their experiences in the military. In the current job market, digital literacy is a necessity, which is why we have a program dedicated to exactly that. We also offer other forms of training and coaching to help women acquire skills such as leadership, business development, and more.


When entering a stage of upheaval, there is nothing more valuable than having a mentor to look to for guidance. While women who are transitioning into civilian life may have family and friends to lean on for support, it is difficult for those who have never served to understand what exactly this stage in life entails. At WVSJ Network, we connect new veterans with women who have been out of the military for years. Our mission is to ensure that all veteran women have an opportunity to speak to someone who shares similar experiences, and who can provide guidance at this sensitive time.


One of the most difficult things about transitioning into civilian life after years of military service is that you may not have the tools you need to care for your overall well-being. At WVSJ Network, we understand that the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health of military women veterans must be cultivated for them to succeed. This is exactly why we promote self-care by teaching women simple ways to nurture their well-being. We host many events dedicated to self-care, which serve as excellent opportunities to connect with like-minded women. We also provide mental health support services to ensure that our veterans have access to the help they need.


Women veterans represent a unique group of people with a plethora of valuable skills. Unfortunately, these skills are not always recognized by the organizations that could benefit from them. Women in the U.S. military need advocates who can speak to their qualifications as trained military personnel. Advocacy is an integral part of our support system at WVSJ Network. Our team speaks out for women all over the U.S. by attending public speaking events, and building relationships with companies that can provide job opportunities to our veterans.

Get the Support You Need From WVSJ Network

If you are a woman who has recently completed your military service, we thank you. Our team is here to support you with a network of like-minded women. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services or to make a donation.