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Atlanta Social Justice Through Support for Veteran Women
January 19, 2022 at 10:30 PM
Image of women working towards social justice in Atlanta.

When you’re committed to social justice in Atlanta, it’s hard to know where to devote your time and money to make a lasting impact on your community. Whether you make financial donations or volunteer your time, you want to know that tangible good will come from your effort. Large national organizations have the widespread renown that makes it easy to donate. However, they also require a lot of overhead to operate. Working with an organization that targets a small, actionable need, your contributions make a more substantial difference in people’s lives. Providing support for military veterans empowers women leadership in the C-suite and B-suite, as well as more successful women entrepreneurs.

Community success through training and development

Social justice work benefits entire communities by providing veteran women with the training and professional development to thrive in corporate leadership and entrepreneurship. Contributions by women across Atlanta enterprises drive innovation forward. As veterans get opportunities to succeed in business, the community benefits from their unique skills and insights.

Women are the fastest-growing population of veterans. Women Veteran Social Justice Network provides veterans with training and leadership development as they leave the military, empowering professional success for the rest of their careers.

Mentoring and coaching for women veterans

Atlanta social justice can take many forms; when it involves providing mentoring and coaching to women veterans, it provides lasting benefits. Individuals who receive mentoring get skills and strategies to thrive in the C-suite and as entrepreneurs. Businesses get diverse talent to lead their enterprises into the future through innovation.

Women Veteran Social Justice Network helps veterans identify opportunities that interest them and where their unique skills and experience will shine. From entrepreneurship to business leadership, mentoring and coaching services elevate women veterans to sustainable careers as civilians. We understand the professional obstacles women face when leaving military service. That’s why we offer virtual learning opportunities and ambassadorships to help women reach their career goals.

Self-care as social justice

Social justice in Atlanta rarely addresses the need for self-care. Still, it’s an essential aspect of providing opportunities for success for women veterans. A positive impact network enables women leaving the military to connect with others going through similar experiences. Through networking, women can maintain their physical, mental, and emotional help.

Women Veteran Social Justice Network puts on yoga, wellness, and even artistic expression events. Veteran women can nurture and care for themselves while fostering unity through a network of mutual benefit.

Digital literacy for veterans

In the world today, thriving professionally means having digital literacy and fluency. Women Veteran Social Justice Network invests in the essential skills that veterans need to succeed while in the military and later in their civilian life.

Our courses go beyond rote teaching to provide networking opportunities with like-minded women and shared learning experiences to build advanced skills necessary in a competitive job market.

Social justice requires strong communities working together. We help the women we work with foster cooperative success while advancing their careers using a networking-first approach.

Women Veteran Social Justice Network Inc. supports military women transitioning into civilian life.

We’re a non-profit organization specializing in empowering military women to thrive in civilian life using their unique skills and strengths. Women Veteran Social Justice Network honors the service and sacrifice of veterans while engaging them with digital literacy, senior leadership training and development, self-care, and advocacy. Our mission is to help veterans transition into business roles in the C-suite, B-suite, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Donate to join the Women Veteran Social Justice Network in supporting women veterans for Atlanta social justice.