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5 Essential Programs Women’s Veteran Groups Can Offer
September 27, 2021 at 4:00 AM

Transitioning from military service back into civilian life is difficult to do alone. That’s why organizations like the Women Social Justice Network Inc. exist. When women veterans exit the service, it is important that they have the support of nonprofits like us to help them discover new career development opportunities where they can excel in a professional environment. 

Below we discuss some unique opportunities and programs that we offer to help our veterans make a smooth transition back into civilian life. 

Leadership development skills. 

We will help you capitalize on the leadership skills you’ve already developed while in the service. Veteran women have the unique potential to evolve into superior leaders. With the right peer consultation and confidence experience will motivate and inspire you to the next level of positive outcomes.

The military instills many distinct values into its veterans. Utilizing characteristics like a resilient attitude to adversity and the ability to face difficult challenges, we are able to shape our veterans into the business leaders of tomorrow. 


The success you’ll have in the workplace depends on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Through mindful practices like yoga, art, and holistic wellness events, the veteran women who work with us will foster a sense of community and comfort. Alongside a network of individuals navigating their way through military transition, veterans under our umbrella can make valuable connections, build their professional networks, and have access to support groups dedicated to their success. 

HER Success. 

Promoting digital literacy, HER Success is an ambassador program that helps veteran women cultivate a network of like-minded individuals, and advance their potential success. Reflecting on a powerful sense of sisterhood and mutual experiences, HER Success thrives on shared learning intended to help develop new skills and meaningful careers in the modern workplace. 

Professional training and development. 

Veteran women are a fast growing population and a lucrative talent resource that is still relatively untapped. Our team helps them leverage their existing skills to develop new ones, and use their military experience to build a strong foundation of knowledge within their field. Veterans have a large degree of mental fortitude and determination that sets them apart from others. We understand how to harness your current level of experience and exploit it to further your career. 

Entrepreneurial coaching.  

Sometimes going rogue and starting your own business is the best option. The personal satisfaction of growing a business yourself can create a new sense of purpose in your life, and cause you to experience feelings of profound achievement. Just like great athletes, entrepreneurs can benefit from the right coaching to support and refine their efforts. Through our organization, we will connect you to professionals that understand the direction you want to go in, and guide you towards the areas where you will excel. 

Women Social Justice Network Inc. is on a mission to provide boundary spanning connection services to women veterans. Every initiative we take is intended to honor the brave women who have fearlessly served in the military. We support all levels of need, including those who have experienced sexual trauma during their military tenure. 

Transitioning back to civilian life is an ongoing and challenging maneuver. Women Veteran Social Justice Network Inc. is here to help you navigate your transition back home, and to ensure the success of your new career.