Internship Program Overview

Women Veteran Social Justice Network
Undergraduate and Graduate Internship Program


WVSJ Network offers undergraduate and graduate internships on a renewable semester basis, minimum commitment of 12 week semester and 12 hours/week, maximum 16 week semester and 20 hours/week.  Applications are sought from students who want an internship training experience to complement their academic training, and who may or may not need internship credit as part of their academic requirements.

Internship preference is given to a) student veterans and b) students who are military/veteran family members, and who have at least some proficiency in electronic communications (computer skills, e.g. google docs, word processing, ppt, spreadsheets, etc) and social media.

Exception:  Graduate student clinicians and/or researchers who would like to participate in supervised clinical hours with veterans, including one-day and long weekend retreats and/or research, may apply without committing to the minimum full internship experience. This includes counseling, social work, psychology, and other graduate students interested specifically in clinical service and/or research.

A maximum of 3 internships per semester are available with rolling acceptance dates. Internships are unpaid and personal transportation is required due to diverse job and supervision sites. WVSJ Supervisors are committed to offering the best program for each student intern, and work with them to design a mutually beneficial plan.


WVSJ Network has a unique internship program of cross-training and experience in each of the following areas:  

  • Educational technology (conferences, webinars, etc.)
  • E-networking (communication with, networking among,  and identifying/referring resources for veterans; management of website, social media, etc.);
  • Nonprofit  structure, strategic planning, staffing, and leadership training (introduction to nonprofit management, leadership, assignment to committees and program chairs/supervisors);
  • Direct service with our target population of intergenerational veterans, particularly women veterans (including annual conference planning, participation in Stand Downs, screenings and referrals, Retreats, small groups; representation of WVSJ at community meetings, round tables, business partners,  etc.);
  • Development and Fundraising; and
  • Public Relations and Communication.

It is our intention to introduce every intern to:

  • the world of nonprofits (structure, function, staffing, financing, networking)
  • the needs and resources of our veteran population
  • the advantages of educational technology and e-networking with this population
  • team service with volunteers: Officers, Board Members, Advisors, Ambassadors, Committee members

We always strive to meet the requirements of their academic major internship requirements (be that human services, technology, business, social work, etc.).  

To that end, we limit the number of interns. Each will rank order their preference in assignments and work with us to design an individual internship plan and goals. Interns also have an option of selecting/developing a supervised as part of their internship.


Interns are supervised a minimum of one hour weekly face-to-face in small group and/or individual sessions, and electronically/phone/in person supervision. All interns complete 10+ hours of internship orientation and training (in WVSJ structure, mission, programs; ethics and boundaries; programs and population; and subsequent e-training as assigned/deemed necessary). At the internship midpoint they and their supervisors complete a self/supervisor assessment with feedback and revision of goals as needed.

Supervisors include: WVSJ Founder and CEO, BriGette McCoy;  Carolyn Bacon, CACII, Clinical Programs and Retreats Director; Christiane O’Hara PhD, Psychologist and WVSJ Development and Internships Advisor, Other WVSJ Supervisors as appropriate.

Requirements and Application Process:

Students should:

  • be enrolled in an accredited college, university, or technical institution (including those who are taking a semester off from classes);
  • familiarize yourself with the WVSJ mission, projects, overview, past accomplishments, etc. by reviewing our website, prior to contacting us
  • submit an initial inquiry with proposed internship starting date, and reasons for interest in WVSJ to; A representative will respond with an invitation to apply or arrange for an initial phone interview. Please include your name, phone number, academic institution, whether you are a veteran or veteran family member, and best times to contact you.
  • complete and submit electronically an Intern/Volunteer application (application to be sent by WVSJ personnel to your email);
  • submit a Resume or CV  and 2- 3 references with the application

References should include one academic and/or one employment reference (name, title, email, phone); and one character/personal reference (no family)

Application and supporting materials should be submitted to and will be emailed by WVSJ personnel following your initial inquiry.