2018 Wish List

 2018 WVSJ Network Wish List

Monetary contributions of any amount- by check (mailing address below) or through our website

Sponsors for all Projects – see website “Projects” for options

In kind Professional services:



    Meeting and event spaces

    PR and Marketing



    Administrative Support

           Trauma Counselors Volunteer Hours     

           (Licensed )

Office supplies of all kinds

New ipads

Food/beverages/disposable plastic/paper for events

Gift cards: gas, restaurant, grocery, pharmacy

Airline tickets and points

Hotel rooms and points

Items suitable for fundraising gifts including auction and raffle prizes

At this time we do not have room for:



To Donate: Contact info@wvsjnetwork.org with your name, phone, email, and proposed donation, and a representative will respond within a few days.

WVSJ Network Ambassadors are located throughout the country (see website for list). We are available for pick up of donated items in the wider metro Atlanta area.

Certificates and checks can be mailed directly to:

BriGette McCoy, WVSJ Network

3577 Chamblee Tucker Rd. Suite A #201

Atlanta GA 30341