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Women Veteran Social Justice Network’s mission is to Identify, Connect, and Empower women veterans through professional and personal connections.

Women Veteran Social Justice is a social impact organization with an integrative online network that shares information and resources to help remove the unseen barriers women veteran face finding and connecting to, programs and services that support our unique needs.

WVSJ leads with cultural competency on the topics that directly impact women who have served. We promote the first person military service narrative in discussions in a holistic compassionate, and honorable way while leveraging our information network for access to opportunities for career advancement and personal life success.


One of our core values is informing women that their military service deserves the same “hero level value” as their male counterparts–whether they were in combat or in garrison units, served during peace or war time, were an officer or enlisted. Women of color, LGBTQ, persons with military sexual trauma, those who have been suicidal, and those who were homeless, feel welcomed in this community. The organization was created by a woman veteran who has experienced so many of the challenges and successes that our community experiences: Knowing what it was like to feel left behind, there was no way that anyone should be left behind.. It was important to go out and seek out those who had been overlooked and return them to the tribe.

Our integrative online network shares information and resources through our network of communities and stakeholders to help remove many of the unseen barriers women veterans face. We have witnessed veterans move from facing homelessness, being suicidal, and not having VA benefits, to seeing them thrive, active civically, managing their health and service-connected disabilities, while speaking publicly to help change the outcomes for other veterans. We have a crowd-sourced program of rapid resourcing, which gives many veterans who have been otherwise left out of other communities, the opportunity to engage in active community of peers supporting and guiding one another.

Our organization is 100% volunteer lead and we give every veteran a hand up to be a part of an ongoing community of peers committed to supporting one another. There is no membership fee because our community has already paid the price of military service. We value your financial and in kind contributions which helps us continue impactful work of advancing women veterans in the community.